Dustin Lunde

Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu

A native of southeast Wisconsin, Dustin started training martial arts at a young age. After a few years of training kickboxing, Dustin was drawn to Brazilian jiu-jitsu when he watched the first Ultimate Fighting Championship in Denver. Wanting to understand jiu-jitsu, Dustin started training with Royce Gracie in California in 1995. He continued his training in Colorado over the next several years with an affiliate of Royce. After years of training, Dustin returned to Wisconsin and started teaching jiu-jitsu.

Today, Dustin brings over twenty years of experience to his students. His goal is to teach students to empower themselves through effective and practical self-defense techniques. Using jiu-jitsu principles, he also teaches students about the value of awareness, patience, and resilience. Dustin’s teaching style involves a blend of showing techniques and explaining why they work. He pushes students to challenge themselves and each other while encouraging camaraderie. His students often talk about gaining confidence, overcoming fear, and feeling like part of a community as they train.

In addition to training his students, Dustin also teaches self-defense in various parts of the community. For example, he has led various seminars to train local law enforcement in basic self-defense tactics, as well as led seminars on self-defense for women, and anti-bullying.


Mike Golemi

Purple Belt in Jiu-Jitsu

Mike comes from Houston, Texas. He has loved martial arts from a young age, and realized the effectiveness of jiu-jitsu when he was in the Marine Corps. He has trained jiu-jitsu with Dustin since 2014. He sees jiu-jitsu as a metaphor for life – overcoming adversity, persevering, showing confidence, and having poise in the face of trials. He hopes for his students to grow in every aspect of life as they learn these values, and he also wants students to experience how much fun jiu-jitsu is.